“Apple Festival Nationals” kick off on Friday night as Tracy Fritter ends 7+ year winless drought at Sharon in Mod Lites; Career 1st wins for Jacob Teeters in Dwarf Cars & Tyler Allison in Jr Sprints

By Mike Leone

September 8, 2017 

(Hartford, OH)…Sharon Speedway kicked off the first of two nights of the annual “Apple Festival Nationals” on Friday night with 226 race cars filling the pit area.  Capturing wins and celebrating in the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply victory lane were Tracy Fritter-Leader Chassis Mod Lites, Jacob Teeters-Joe’s Radiator Sportsman Dwarf Cars, and Tyler Allison-Junior Sprints.  Heat races were completed for the “410” Sprint Cars, Big-Block Modified Non-Winners Penn-Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series, E-Mods, RUSH Sportsman Modified Touring Series, Summit Racing Equipment Econo Mods, and Mini Stocks.

Veteran racer, Tracy Fritter, led all 15 laps of the Leader Chassis Mod Lite feature withstanding pressure from Mercer Raceway Park all-time winner, Mark Marcucci, and a late challenge by standouts Rod Jones and Alan Dellinger to win the caution-filled event.  The $ 500 victory was Fritter’s first at Sharon since May 21, 2010.

“The car was good in the long runs but the cautions were hurting us on the tires,” explained 48-year-old Zanesville, Ohio driver.  “We just don’t have the best tires in the world, but I was making it work.  It was a little slick, but I was getting a hold of it.  It’s nice to race on a track like this- there’s not a bump on it.  I like to keep things straight to the point on the car; Eliminator Race Cars- we build those.  I want to thank Jeff Teeters for sponsoring this race, and you guys for having us.”

An invert three from the heat races put Fritter on the pole alongside Marcucci.  Marcucci ran second until Dellinger, Jones, and Doug Stanley all got by on a restart on lap 13.  Going into turn one on lap 14, Marcucci tried to get back under Stanley and contact was made with both drivers spinning.  When racing resumed for the two-lap shootout to the finish, Jones passed Dellinger for second but didn’t have enough time to make any challenge on Fritter’s #59.  Dellinger came from 18th to finish third over Joey Zambotti III and Brian Stuhldreher.  Christopher Robinson, Marcucci, and Fritter won the heat races over the 30-car field, while David Innes won the last chance B main.

Third generation racer, Jacob Teeters, survived a pair of 360 spins and nine caution periods to win his first career feature at Sharon.  Teeters’ $ 300 victory came in the 15-lap Joe’s Radiator Service Sportsman Dwarf Car feature event.    

“Honestly I don’t even know what to tell you- pure luck,” described the 15-year-old North Jackson, Ohio driver when asked about his double 360 spins.  “I just knew how to keep the car going, and after that I knew I was clear.  I have to thank my dad for putting this car together for me.  It’s been one heck of a year for me.  I’m worn out that’s for sure.  I have to thank all of the fans for coming out tonight.”

An invert nine from the heat races put Art Williams and Teeters on the front row of the feature as Teeters took off in the lead.  Cody Stillion passed Williams for second on lap two.  Eighth starting Joe Grzelak, Jr. moved into third on lap four and joined Stillion in the battle for the lead with Teeters.  On lap seven, Stillion and Grzelak passed Teeters for the top two spots, but Grzelak would spin one lap later to bring out the caution.

When racing resumed, Teeters regained the lead for good on lap nine before Stillion would spin out of second.  Angie Grzelak had worked from the ninth starting spot into third on lap 11 when she passed Jacob Eakin.  Grzelak made a charge on Steve Mix for second on lap 12, but made contact sending Mix spinning as a four-car accident ensued.  Grzelak was put to the tail.  Teeters then survived the last four-lap dash to the checkered flag to win in the Kelly Teeters-owned, Unitech Frame Straightening-sponsored #23J Leader Chassis.  Teeters became the ninth different winner in 19 races run for the division all-time. 

Eighteenth starting Teddy Williams was second.  Joe Grzelak came from the tail in the final seven laps to finish third over Ted Williams and Kelly Teeters, the victorious car owner.  Angie Grzelak, Joe Grzelak, and Eakin won the heat races over the 23-car field.

The Junior Sprints competed in their third race of the season and fourth all-time as Tyler Allison captured the six-lap feature victory.  Allison took the lead from Sam Darby on lap four and went on to become the fourth different winner in as many races in his #25BAD.  Darby led the first three laps then fell back to third before regaining second on the final lap.  Austin Randall, Evan Darby, and August 12 winner, Luke Mulichak, were third through fifth.  Heat winners were Randall and Tyler Allison over the 11-car field, which was the highest all-time.

The balance of Friday night’s program will be completed on Saturday night (September 9) at 6 p.m.  New cars that did not compete Friday are permitted to the tag either the last chance B mains or feature events.  Pit gates open at 3 p.m. with grandstands at 4.  Grandstand admission is $ 15 and pit passes are $ 35 for those who did not purchase two-day passes on Friday night. 

Leader Chassis Mod Lites (15 laps, $ 500 to-win): 1. TRACY FRITTER (59)  2. Rod Jones (21)  3. Alan Dellinger (Smith 16)  4. Joey Zambotti III (1)  5. Brian Stuhldreher (17)  6. Kurt Eckstrom (625)  7. Aaron Meister (46)  8. Lynn Knepper (10)  9. Jason Darocha (5)  10. Bobby Springer (44s)  11. David Innes (18)  12. Doug Stanley (Coen 1c)  13. Chris Logan (2)  14. Mark Marcucci (8M)  15. Vivian Jones (20)  16. Dusty Frantz (825)  17. Kenny Meadows (Smith 16)  18. Shane Webb (267)  19. Shane Pfeuffer (Lawson 717)  20. Cole Petrelle (184)  21. A.J. Barris (32)  22. Doug Jones (71X)  23. Christopher Robinson (15)-DNS  24. Jay Dye (40D)-DNS.  DNQ: James Gump, Jr. (71), Brandon Shaw (20C), Ed Mudrick (55M), Larry Bevivino (31), Jeff Teeters (23), Gerard Hairhoger (57).

Joe’s Radiator Service Sportsman Dwarf Cars (15 laps, $ 300 to-win)  1. JACOB TEETERS (23T)  2. Teddy Williams (818)  3. Joe Grzelak, Jr. (888)  4. Ted Williams (48)  5. Kelly Teeters (69)  6. Michael Heverly (99B)  7. Cody Stillion (25)  8. Jerry Langley, Jr. (23L)  9. Denny Bale (01)  10. Jacob Eakin (14)  11. Taylor Suchan (44)  12. Steve Mix (3)  13. Angie Grzelak (57)  14. Jim McKelvey (32)  15. Art Williams (1)  16. Amelia Clay (12V)  17. Eric Marsh (64)  18. Anthony Gillespie (Smith 58)  19. Mark Suchan (22)  20. Steve Mix, Jr. (85)  21. Nick Grubbs (24)  22. Greg Davis (34)  23. Jereme Bean (49)-DNS.

Junior Sprints (6 laps): 1. TYLER ALLISON (25BAD)  2. Sam Darby (8)  3. Austin Randall (36)  4. Evan Darby (6)  5. Luke Mulichak (18L)  6. Kasey Lam (22K)  7. Stone Lapcevich (22)  8. Gavin Putman (13)  9. Jarren Dye (40D)  10. Blaine Schlechty (25)  11. Mike Lutz, Jr. (86)-DNS.

Sharon Speedway is owned by the Blaney, Weller, and Kirila Families and is a 3/8-mile dirt track located on Custer-Orangeville Road in Hartford, Ohio near the intersection of Routes 7 & 305. For more information, check out the website at www.sharonspeedway.com or call 330-772-5481. Become a fan of Sharon Speedway on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sharonspeedway and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/sharonspdwy.


Sharon Speedway

Career 1st win for Lynch in $3000 “410” Sprints; Biggest career win for Gordon in $2000 Penn-Ohio Stocks; Big-Block Mod Non-Winners to Warren; Win #2 for Davies in E-Mods & Blackshear in Econos; 1st ever RUSH Mod Tour win for Shea; Staley wins Minis in 1st ever visit

By Mike Leone

September 9, 2017          

(Hartford, OH)…Sharon Speedway completed night two of the “Apple Festival Nationals” on Saturday night and in doing so wrapped up the 88th anniversary season of racing.  Capturing wins and celebrating in the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply victory lane were Sye Lynch-“410” Sprint Cars, Andrew Gordon-Penn-Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series, Bob Warren-Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Big-Block Modifieds (non-winners), Dan Davies-E-Mods, Justin Shea-RUSH Sportsman Modified Touring Series, Brandon Blackshear-Summit Racing Equipment Econo Mods, and Wes Staley-Mini Stocks .  A total of 234 different race cars competed over the two-day event.

Ed Lynch, Jr. sits the atop the all-time “410” Sprint Car winners list at Sharon Speedway with 50 victories, but on Saturday night it was another Lynch gracing victory lane.  Third generation racer, Sye Lynch, put on a thrilling performance for the fans riding against the fence and leading all 30 laps for his first career win!  After dominating the first 27 laps lapping up to the third place car, Lynch had a left rear tire go down under the red flag.  Lynch then somehow staved our some slide jobs by Dan Kuriger over the final three laps for the $ 3,000 victory. 

“This is only my third race here ever and I love the new surface,” expressed the 20-year-old Apollo, Pa. driver.  “The fastest way is around the wall and man I hope it puts on a show for you fans because man it’s fun for me.  I knew as soon as I saw that red, (Jack) Sodeman and Kuriger would be on me, but man that was just a great race.  I have to thank Mosites Motorsports- without him it wouldn’t be possible; Kistler Engines and J&J, Ultra Lite Brakes, Diesel Snow Removal- everyone, my family, my crew.  It’s been a long road to get here that’s for sure.  Hopefully they’ll bring Sprint Cars back next year full-time and we can do this for you every Saturday night.”

An invert four put Darren Pifer and Lynch on the front row with Lynch flying to the early lead, while Kuriger and Sodeman moved past Pifer for second and third on the opening lap.  Sixth starting George Hobaugh raced into fourth on lap three getting by Pifer.  By lap seven, Lynch had a straightaway lead on Kuriger when he caught lapped traffic and did a tremendous job being smooth, keeping his momentum up, and working his way by the slower cars.

Tenth starting Davey Jones worked his way into the top five on lap 10 getting past Pifer, but all eyes were watching the “360” of Dennis Wagner make his way forward.  Wagner started in 12th, but was flying as he passed Jones for fifth on lap 12 then put a slider on Hobaugh to take fourth on lap 20.  Wagner was actually lapped by Lynch, but was closing on the leader with Sodeman right ahead in third.  Wagner’s night unfortunately ended when he hit the fence and flipped.  He was ok.

The red set up a three-lap dash to the checkered.  When Lynch pushed back off, his left rear tire was going down, but he somehow managed to survive the sliders and grab the lead back on a pair of occasions from Kuriger with 2010 champion, Sodeman, looming right behind.  Lynch’s win in his #42 came by 1.250 seconds over Kuriger.  Sodeman, Jones, and Hobaugh were third through fifth.  Pifer dropped to sixth over Jimmy Morris III, Bryan Salisbury, Eric. L. Williams, and 16th starting Jason Dolick.  Sodeman set fast time in qualifying on Friday night with a lap of 16.860 and then won his heat race along with Hobaugh.

Former Super Late Model racer, Andrew Gordon, led all 25 laps of the Penn-Ohio Pro Stock Championship feature for his biggest career payday earning $ 2,000 for his second victory of the season at Sharon.  Veteran racer, Bobby Whitling, got close at times, but Gordon didn’t make any mistakes through lapped traffic to secure the win.

“We were getting the car out late and realized a bunch of stuff was broke so we were welding on it and rushing around then second guessing ourselves when you have all that time to wait in the pits,” explained the DuBois, Pa. driver.  “You always want to do something and I said just leave it alone.  We left it alone and made a gamble on tires and it held up.  I thought we’d have a lot more cautions than that and with all those green flag laps I was getting worried.  I tried easing up on it and hitting the mud then started to feel it coming back to me.  We’ll keep practicing every week here next year to get faster for the $ 10,000 to-win show.”

Gordon used the outside pole starting spot to take the lead, while Whitling advanced from fourth to second on the opening lap.  A five-car accident took place with two laps scored, but that would be the only stoppage of the event as the final 23 laps went green-to-checkered.  Gordon and Whitling pulled away from the field by lap four, while the battle was on for third.  Ninth starting Paul Davis finally worked his way by Rusty Martz, Brian Rhed, and Rusty Moore for the show position on lap five.

Gordon caught lapped traffic on lap 12 and distanced himself from Whitling over much of the race, but Whitling closed the gap in the final laps; however, the Todd Gordon-owned, Pizza Hut/Joel’s Auto-sponsored, Ford-powered #25 would prevail by 1.441 seconds.  Davis was third.  Seventh starting Steve D’Apolito actually fell back to 10th early on then made a late charge to work into the top five and pass two-time winner, Chris McGuire, for fourth on the final lap.  McGuire, who started 10th, was fifth. 

Completing the top 10 were Moore, Chris Schneider, Brian Carothers, Martz, and 26th starting Chris Withers in a substitution role for Rod Laskey.  Gordon set fast time on Friday night with a lap of 19.587.  Heat winners over the 47-car field on Friday night were Bobby Heim, Gordon, Rhed, Whitling, and Moore.  William Hurrelbrink and Bob Schwartzmiller won Saturday’s last chance B mains.

After problems for early race leaders Travis Shingledecker and Justin Rasey along with the second place car of Josh Deems, Bob Warren inherited the lead and led the final 20 non-stop laps for his first career win in the Big-Block Modifieds.  Warren’s $ 1,100 victory came in the 25-lap Hovis Auto & Truck Supply feature for non-winners. 

“First and foremost today is my son Jackson’s fourth birthday so this is for him,” stated the 40-year-old Slippery Rock, Pa. driver.  “It was weird how everyone was dropping off.  This race is a really good idea.  It lets a guy get a win under his belt.  We’ve had a couple bad weeks so this makes up for it a little bit.  I have to thank my wife, kids, and family.  Without them, my sponsors, and fans this isn’t possible.”

Rasey and Shingledecker battled hard for the lead running side-by-side with Shingledecker taking over on lap four.  Shingledecker then pulled away before Rasey ran into problems on lap six when his car pushed and then came back across the track as Dave Reges made heavy contact.  Deems then inherited second, but he would spin in turn one bringing out the event’s final caution.  Under caution, Shingledecker exited the event with motor problems. 

Warren, who started fifth, was now the new leader and with caution-free racing over the final 20 laps, Warren drove off and won by 8.494 seconds in his KMA Rhino Linings/Family Traditions Restaurant/Bob’s Custom & Repair/Gellner’s Arctic Cat-sponsored #96B.  Eric Beggs had a good run from 11th to finish second.  Jeff Miller held off Deems’ charge back up through for third.  Kyle Holden was fifth as Rasey, Colton Walters, Shawn Fleeger, Scott Kennedy, and Kevin Green completed the top 10.  Heat winners on Friday night were Holden and Warren over the 16-car field.

Fifth starting Dan Davies passed Joel Watson on lap five and rim-rided the rest of the way to a dominating performance in the E-Mods.  The $ 1,500 victory was Davies’ second straight at Sharon.  “It was more difficult tonight- there’s not much cushion left,” described the 33-year-old Warren, Pa. racer.  “You get a pretty good bite off (turn) four, but if you miss it a little bit you’re going to be in the fence.  I tried to play it a little conservative once I got the lead.  My dad is out at the World 100 (Eldora Speedway) with Shane Clanton so hopefully they do well.  My whole crew and wife are here tonight so that makes it pretty cool.”

After a six-car accident on the opening lap that involved pole-sitter Casey Fritz, the event would go non-stop.  Watson raced to the early lead, but Davies was already to second after one lap.  Davies closed on Watson running the outside on lap four and one lap later nosed ahead for the winning pass.  Davies had a half-straightaway lead when he caught lapped traffic on lap 11 and without a caution extended his lead every lap to win by 4.237 seconds.  His fourth career feature win came in his Lethal Chassis #71D sponsored by King Fab, Hutchison Coventry, Willbank Energy, Close Racing Supply, and Hoosier Tire.

Ninth starting Bud Watson ran a smooth line on the bottom of the track.  Watson passed Jeremy Double for third on lap nine then slowly closed on Joel Watson.  Bud would work his way by Joel on lap 23 to secure the runner-up position.  After leading the first four laps, Joel Watson dropped to third.  Fritz came back from the opening lap accident to finish fourth in his first ever appearance.  Double was fifth.  Sixth through 10th were Jacob Eucker, 17th starting Brent Rhebergen, Carl McKinney, Scott Stiffler, and Josh Ferry.  Stiffler and Joel Watson won Friday night’s heat races over the 17-car field.

After watching Steve Slater steal a win away from him on the outside coming down for the white flag at the last RUSH Sportsman Modified Touring Series event on August 26 at Sharon, Justin Shea performed a similar pass of race-long leader Chelsie Kriegisch on lap 15 to score his first career Bicknell Racing Products Tour win.  Shea earned $ 800 for his second career Sharon win in the 25-lap HTMA/Precise Racing Products feature.

“We haven’t run much this year but now I’m wishing we would have,” revealed the 36-year-old Franklin, Pa. driver.  “This car is phenomenal.  It was a little tight yesterday, but we made the right adjustments and here we are.  Everyone was running the bottom so the only way to make headway is to try the middle or top.  It really liked it so I stuck it out there and it worked.  We have a short trip to Tri-City (Raceway Park) tomorrow- it’s about two miles from home.  I have to thank my wife and father-in-law; they’ve been a huge help the last two days helping out.”

Several cars got bunched up on the initial start causing a five-car accident that ended the night early for several racers.  And like the E-Mods, that would be only stoppage of the 25-lap main event.  Chelsie Kriegisch and Tour point leader, Kyle Martell, were one-two after the opening lap.  Shea meanwhile started fifth as him and eighth starting Chas Wolbert passed Jessica Kriegisch for third and fourth on lap two.  Wolbert and Shea battled hard for third as they raced side-by-side.  Wolbert would grab the spot on lap four as the duo closed in on Martell.  Shea then moved to the top and drove around both racers to take second on lap 11.

Kriegisch meanwhile was up front setting a good pace in search of her first career Sharon victory; however, Shea stuck to the outside line and closed in every lap.  He caught Kriegisch on lap 14 and made the winning pass driving around her in turn four to lead the 15th circuit.  Shea had a half-straightaway lead when he caught lapped traffic with three laps to go.  Traffic didn’t slow Shea’s run to the checkered flag as he won by 2.589 seconds in his Shea Trucking/Bradley’s Boarding & Grooming-sponsored #14s.

Kriegisch was a Tour season best second.  Wolbert, who won the $ 800 2016 “Apple Festival Nationals” make-up on August 5, was third after passing Martell on lap 14.  Sharon track champion, Kole Holden, came from 10th to finish fourth over Josh Deems as both racers dropped Martell to sixth late in the event.  Completing the top 10 were Brian Schaffer, Jessica Kriegisch, Rocky Kugel, and Brandon Ritchey.  Chelsie Kriegisch, Wolbert, and Martell won Friday’s heat races over the 24-car field.  Holden won the dash. 

After winning the season opening event back on April 21, Brandon Blackshear, the division’s all-time winning driver, was shutout of victory lane all season long in the Econo Mods.  That changed on Saturday night as Blackshear led from green-to-checkered in the caution-plagued event.  Blackshear earned $ 500 for the Summit Racing Equipment-sponsored feature win. 

“We kept going and going with all those cautions and I figured we had to be getting close to being timed out, but I was in the right spot the entire time,” explained the 27-year-old Hubbard, Ohio racer.  “This track really threw me for a curveball all year.  It figures the final race of the season I finally get it figured out.  My buddy Bud Watson was standing back there telling me to just stay on the bottom so I just rolled around the tires and here we are.” 

Blackshear lined up beside two-time champion, Steve Haefke, as he used the outside to take the early lead.  Haefke would lose second to sixth starting Eric Wilson on lap five, but regained it following a restart on lap nine.  Cautions were the theme as the event never had more than five consecutive green flag laps.  After nine cautions in an event that lasted over an hour including the red flags, the race was checkered with 18 of the scheduled 20 laps in the record books. 

Blackshear’s 21st career win came in the Steve Burns, Sr.-owned, Warehouse Sales/Gearhart Sales/Laddie’s Sky Club/Close Racing Supply/Intense Fab/Hoosier Tire-sponsored #70B.  Haefke was second for his 26th top two finish over the past 29 races dating back into the 2015 season!  Ty Rhoades was third.  Brian Toto came from 21st to finish fourth over 13th starting Kyle Miller. 

Heat wins on Friday night went to Rhoades, Wilson, and Mitchell Wright.  Mark Titus won Saturday’s last chance B main, while Haefke earned an extra $ 100 and the feature pole position for winning the dash presented by Twin-State Auto Racing Club.  An all-time record high 30 cars turned out as the division’s eighth year of existence ended!

Making his first ever appearance, Wes Staley charged from the seventh starting spot to win the 15-lap Mini Stock feature to close out the 2017 season.  The Wayne County Speedway regular earned $ 300 as he became the 29th different driver all-time to win a feature in the history of the division. 

After an opening lap accident, the race went caution-free like the prior E-Mod and RUSH Sportsman Modified feature as the 29-year-old Canton, Ohio driver charged into the lead and never looked back in his Tires & More-sponsored #17S.  Tyler Fulton passed Jason Pavlick on lap two for second, but was no match for Staley.  Steve Walker II, the 2016 champion and two-time 2017 winner, came from 18th to finish third.  John Gill and 15th starting Shane Shook were fourth and fifth.  Isaac Paden and Staley won Friday’s heat races over the 19-car field.      

“410” Sprint Cars (30 laps, $ 3,000 to-win): 1. SYE LYNCH (42)  2. Dan Kuriger (08)  3. Jack Sodeman, Jr. (23Jr)  4. Davey Jones (76)  5. George Hobaugh (40)  6. Darren Pifer (23)  7. Jimmy Morris III (4N)  8. Bryan Salisbury (126)  9. Eric L. Williams (4W)  10. Jason Dolick (D12)  11. Joe Sylvester (8)  12. Paul Kish (4c)  13. Sadie Siegel (91)  14. Dennis Wagner (38)  15. Mike Flynn (12x)  16. Vinny Dougherty (27)  17. Jeremy Kornbau (27K)-DNS.

Penn-Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series (25 laps, $ 2,000 to-win): 1. ANDREW GORDON (25)  2. Bobby Whitling (7W)  3. Paul Davis (3)  4. Steve D’Apolito (84)  5. Chris McGuire (63)  6. Rusty Moore (17M)  7. Chris Schneider (Humanic 17)  8. Brian Carothers (02c)  9. Rusty Martz (16M)  10. Chris Withers (Laskey 1R)  11. Jarod Larson (47)  12. William Hurrelbrink (c8)  13. Curt Bish, Jr. (00)  14. Jamie Duncan (67J)  15. Andy Buckley (965)  16. Curt J. Bish (Tarr 29)  17. Jamie Scharba (11s)  18. Bob Schwartzmiller (28s)  19. Mike Clark (7)  20. Tim Deutsch (20)  21. Leigh Wheeler (717)  22. Bobby Heim (92)  23. Hunter Exley (23H)  24. Brian Rhed (69R)  25. Randy Wyant (11T)  26. Joe Stajnrajh (04).  DNQ: Mike Miller (T6), Brent Coleman (01), Bill Phillips, Jr. (23JR), Brent McDonald (25), Nick Kocuba (10), Tim Bish (1B), Troy Norman (Gower 19N),  Darr Diegelman (15D), Terry Wheeler (2W), Bobby Robinson (34R), Brian Lacey (51), Jamie Maxwell (6), Steve Allison (1BAD), Mark Hopkins (69H), Jesse Brock (22B), Dustin Smith (88), Zach Myers (18), Larry Kugel (Petsko 00), Michael Hudzik (31H), Pat Fielding (23), Mike Kerr (25K).

Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Big-Block Modifieds (Non-Winners) (25 laps, $ 1,100 to-win): 1. BOB WARREN (96B)  2. Eric Beggs (29*)  3. Jeff Miller (75)  4. Josh Deems (82)  5. Kyle Holden (68H)  6. Justin Rasey (21)  7. Colton Walters (18)  8. Shawn Fleeger (88)  9. Scott Kennedy (00)  10. Kevin Green (74)  11. Travis Shingledecker (73MD)  12. Dave Reges (27R)  13. Jason Sines (38DD)  14. Mike Turner (96)  15. Tom Glenn (83T)  16. Will Thomas III (9)-DNS.

E-Mods (25 laps, $ 1,500 to-win): 1. DAN DAVIES (71D)  2. Bud Watson (25)  3. Joel Watson (92)  4. Casey Fritz (c7)  5. Jeremy Double (83)  6. Jacob Eucker (64)  7. Brent Rhebergen (07R)  8. Carl McKinney (Hendrickson 6m)  9. Scott Stiffler (14)  10. Josh Ferry (33)  11. Jack Young (67)  12. Chris Rudolph (25)  13. Todd Canter (89)  14. Shawn Shingledecker (54s)  15. Matt Lux (21)  16. Jeff Johnson (27)  17. Mike Kinney (Porter 20P).

 RUSH Sportsman Modified Touring Series (25 laps, $ 800 to-win): 1. JUSTIN SHEA (14S)  2. Chelsie Kriegisch (10)  3. Chas Wolbert (c3)  4. Kole Holden (2)  5. Josh Deems (9D)  6. Kyle Martell (8)  7. Brian Schaffer (41)  8. Jessica Kriegisch (63)  9. Rocky Kugel (Myers 43Sr)  10. Brandon Ritchey ( 17)  11. Shayne Izzo (86)  12. Preston Cope (24P)  13. David Kalb, Jr. (11J)  14. Nick Ritchey (Eads 77N)  15. Gary Haupt (16)  16. Will Schaffer (4)  17. Jacob Jordan (28J)  18. Steve Slater (29)  19. Anthony Gillespie (Smith 3G)  20. Blaze Myers (43Jr)  21. Brandon Michaud (132)  22. Jeremy Weaver (35W)  23. Tiffany Williams (58)  24. Kevin Long (22)-DNS.

Summit Racing Equipment Econo Mods (18 laps, $ 500 to-win): 1. BRANDON BLACKSHEAR (Burns 70B)  2. Steve Haefke (41)  3. Ty Rhoades (12R)  4. Brian Toto (8B)  5. Kyle Miller (15)  6. Josh Mueller (01)  7. Nathan Young (42)  8. Keith Felicetty (98)  9. Cameron Nastasi (99)  10. George Vestal IV (4)  11. Wayne Daniels (4D)  12. Gary Murphy (85)  13. Tommy Davis (32)  14. Eric Wilson (Christopher 2JR)  15. Rick Wilson, Jr. (35)  16. Gary Robinson (44R)  17. Mitchell Wright (m11)  18. Tyler Frankenberry (38)  19. Mark Titus (25)  20. Brad Blackshear (19)  21. Ray Gregory (82R)  22. Brent Coleman (01)  23. Branden Porter (202)  24. Gary Miller, Jr. (1M)-DNS.  DNQ: Larry Ingram (14), Richard Chess, Jr. (16c), Josh Ferry (Leamer 02), Richard Chess, Sr. (56c), Matt Alexander (77), Ashley Rogers (60).

Mini Stocks (15 laps, $ 300 to-win): 1. WES STALEY (73S)  2. Tyler Fulton (09)  3. Steve Walker II (4M)  4. John Gill (19G)  5. Shane Shook (17s)  6. Isaac Paden (24)  7. Kyle Adkins (311)  8. Ed Haylett (8-ball)  9. Jim Haefke, Jr. (421)  10. Mike Aley (6)  11. Scott Gill (6)  12. Bub Cales (66x)  13. Wayne Newbury (17)  14. Jason Pavlick (00)  15. Will Aley (Root 17J)  16. John McCracken, Jr. (64)  17. Bill Fuchs (10)  18. Michael Porterfield (23MP)  19. Pat Drennan (24)-DNS.

Sharon Speedway is owned by the Blaney, Weller, and Kirila Families and is a 3/8-mile dirt track located on Custer-Orangeville Road in Hartford, Ohio near the intersection of Routes 7 & 305. For more information, check out the website at www.sharonspeedway.com or call 330-772-5481. Become a fan of Sharon Speedway on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sharonspeedway and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/sharonspdwy.



Sharon Speedway

“Apple Festival Nationals” Friday & Saturday; Most of the region’s divisions in action highlighted by “410” Sprints for $3000 to-win

By Mike Leone

September 6, 2017             

(Hartford, OH)…Sharon Speedway will conclude the 88th anniversary season this weekend with the running of the annual “Apple Festival Nationals” on Friday and Saturday night (September 8-9).  Ten different divisions will compete.  The Mod Lites, Sportsman Dwarf Cars, and Junior Sprints will run a complete show on Friday night, while “410” Sprint Cars, Big-Block Modified Non-Winners, Penn-Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series, E-Mods, RUSH Sportsman Modified Touring Series, Econo Mods, and Mini Stocks will have their shows split over the two days with their features on Saturday night.  Race time is early at 6 p.m. both nights. 

For the first time ever, the “410” Sprint Cars will not only compete during the “Apple Festival Nationals”, but will also be the headlining division. The Sprints have made three appearances during the 2017 season with Kyle Larson winning the Ohio Speedweek All Star Circuit of Champions event in June, Christopher Bell adding his name as a “Lou Blaney Memorial” winner for the All Stars in July, and most recently Danny Holtgraver winning the $ 3,000 non-sanctioned “Simon Yoder Memorial” event last month.  This weekend’s event will pay $ 3,000 to-win, $ 250 to-start.  Standard local Sprint Car rules will be utilized.  Mufflers are not required.  Group qualifying will be used to set the heat race lineups.  

For the second straight year, the weekly headlining Big-Block Modifieds will participate in a non-winners event paying $ 1,100 to-win. Only drivers that have never won a Big-Block Modified race anywhere in their career will be eligible to compete.  Last year, Kyle Fink captured the victory utilizing a “358” small-block powered engine.    

The Penn-Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series return with $ 2,000 on the line this time. The Series has boasted big car counts in recent years with 51 competing at the last event back on July 29 that was won by Chris McGuire.  On that night, Chris Schneider picked up last year’s $ 2,000 “Apple Festival Nationals” make-up feature win.  Schneider went on to win the weekly finale on August 26 as he and McGuire were the year’s only repeat winners.  Paul Davis captured the 2017 Gibson Insurance Agency Championship for the second straight year, and would love to cap off the year with a big win.  Like the Sprints, group qualifying will be utilized to set the heat race lineups.

Though they weren’t part of the weekly “Steel Valley Thunder” lineup in 2017, the E-Mods have made special appearances throughout the season culminating with this weekend’s $ 1,500 to-win event. Back on May 20, Joel Watson won his 27th career feature at Sharon.  Also that night, Jacob Hawkins won the 2016 “Apple Festival Nationals” make-up E-Mod feature.  On June 3, Carl McKinney reached double figures with his 10th career Sharon win. Unfortunately their July 22 scheduled event was rained out, but most recently Dan Davies topped a 23-car field for a $ 1,000 payday on August 5. 

The RUSH Sportsman Modifieds are in their fourth year of competition and are set to finish their third season as a weekly division at Sharon. This weekend will be a Bicknell Racing Products Touring Series event with $ 800 on the line.  At the last event on August 26, the RUSH Mods competed in their twice rained out “Manufacturers Night” Tour event that saw 29 cars participate with Steve Slater capturing his first career win.  Kole Holden and Rocky Kugel tied with the most wins at three during the season; however, it was the teenager Holden garnering his first HTMA/Precise Racing Products Championship.  Chas Wolbert won a pair of features including the $ 800 2016 “Apple Festival Nationals” make-up feature back on August 5.  Kyle Martell, who won a feature at Sharon in 2016, is the current Bicknell Touring Series points leader.

The Summit Racing Equipment Econo Mods will battle for a $ 500 payday- matching their richest of the season. For the second straight year, Steve Haefke has been heads and shoulders above the competition winning six features in route to his second track championships.  More impressively dating back to 2015, Haefke has finished in the top two for 25 of the last 28 races.  Kyle Miller and Jacob Eucker closed out the regular season with their first wins on August 19 and 26 respectively.  Thanks to Twin-State Auto Racing Club, the top two Econo Mods from each heat will run a special dash on Saturday that will determine the top feature starting spots with $ 100 to-win, $ 50 for second, and $ 25 for all other starters. 

Like the E-Mods, the Mini Stocks were not part of the weekly “Steel Valley Thunder” program in 2017; however, did make several appearances, four in fact, as 2016 champion, Steve Walker II, was victorious twice along with Bill Fuchs, the division’s all-time winner, and first-time winner Isaac Paden. The Mini Stocks will be racing for $ 300 to-win. 

The Mod Lites, Sportsman Dwarf Cars will return once again as part of the “Apple Festival Nationals” running their complete show on Friday along with the Junior Sprints for children. The Mod Lites will race for $ 500 to-win, while the Sportsman Dwarfs for $ 250 to-win.  The events are presented by Leader Chassis and Joe’s Radiator.   The Junior Sprints debuted at last year’s “Apple Festival Nationals” and have run a pair of events in 2017. Many of the competitors in these small car divisions race weekly at Deerfield Raceway and Mercer Raceway Park, and always enjoy a chance to compete at Sharon.

On Friday, pit pass sales will begin at 3 p.m. with grandstands at 4. A drivers meeting is slated for 5:20 p.m.  Sprint Car engine starts will be at 5:45 p.m. followed by the Junior Sprint heat race at 6 p.m., group qualifying for the Sprints and Stocks, followed by heat race action.  The same times will be in effect on Saturday with racing starting at 6.  Cars that do not compete Friday can tag the B main or feature, provided the 24-car feature fields aren’t set.    

Breakfast will be served in the main concession on Saturday morning from 8:30-10 a.m. and lunch from 12-2 p.m. in the pit concession. The band Wyld Ryde will perform after the races on Friday night.

Grandstand admission for those 14 and over is $ 12 on Friday and $ 15 on Saturday or $ 25 for a two-day pass. Pit passes are $ 30 on Friday and $ 35 on Saturday or $ 60 for a two-day pass.  There is no entry or registration fees for Sharon, only the typical Penn-Ohio and RUSH entry fees for those two divisions.  Any driver that has not raced at Sharon Speedway in 2017 needs to complete a registration form, and try and bring it to the track completed to save time.  The form is available by going to SharonSpeedway.com, clicking on Drivers, then Registration or directly here http://www.sharonspeedway.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/RegistrationFormSharon2017-1.pdf.

As always, children under 13, parking, and camping is always FREE! Sharon has a no carry-in cooler policy.  PLEASE NOTE: THE BACKSTRETCH GRANDSTANDS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR GENERAL ADMISSION ON FRIDAY NIGHT- ONLY FOR PIT PASS HOLDERS.  This is due to using the area for overflow pit parking.

Sharon Speedway is owned by the Blaney, Weller, and Kirila Families and is a 3/8-mile dirt track located on Custer-Orangeville Road in Hartford, Ohio near the intersection of Routes 7 & 305. For more information, check out the website at www.sharonspeedway.com or call 330-772-5481. Become a fan of Sharon Speedway on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sharonspeedway and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/sharonspdwy.


Sharon Speedway

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